Dr. Hatem El Zorkany, PHD

Dr. Hatem El Zorkany, PHD

Chairman, Leverage

Hatem Al-Zorkani is currently Chairman of Leverage Financial Services SAE, a leading service provider startup focused at offering unprecedented empowerment to business in Egypt and the Middle East through digital technologies. Hatem has served as President of Al-Arabia Information Technology & Communication Services “Al-Arabia”, a systems integrator active in Egypt and many Middle East Markets.

Mr. El-Zorkani founded Al-Arabia in 2000 and has managed to grow the business and to establish a network of satisfied customers, representatives, and partners through-out the region. With offices in Cairo, Riyadh and Jeddah, Al-Arabia is positioned to serve its customers with state-of-the-art computing and communication technologies at competitive and efficient way.

Hatem has founded and co-shared several other companies that complemented its market offerings of integrating IT services; Global Outsourcing Technologies LLC “GOTECH”, a US-based outsourcing provider focusing on business process realignment and targeting small and medium size enterprises within the US and Global markets. 3H Business and Management Systems SAE – consulting services firm focusing on information strategic planning, and CommTech Egypt SAE – communication systems integrator focusing on building large networks and security solutions. Also, Al-Arabia has a controlling stock in a leading electro-mechanical engineering and services firm operating regionally; Valuetech Egypt SAE.

Earlier Mr. Al-Zorkani has founded and managed (1994-1997) an Internet-based solution provider in the field of business information and communication services “RITE”. The company has maintained a major market share in developing system integration and electronic commerce solutions particularly with tourism and financial services vertical markets.

In 1992, Mr. Al-Zorkani has joined RITSEC “Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center) as the Marketing and Business Development Director (1992-1994). A position enabling the deployment of his professional skills in a well-recognized market yet providing an opportunity to learn and understand the new paradigm of technologies. Initiating and exploring electronic commerce opportunities, at such early stage, Mr. Al-Zorkani has spent extensive efforts with leading international partners (AT&T, ORACLE) investigating and defining “DEALNET”, an early version of E-Comm parameters, mechanisms, market opportunities and challenges. The success has been rewarding moving both the organization and him towards new frontiers and building renowned position for handling and successfully implementing national and regional IT programs.

Between 1988 and 1992 Mr. Al-Zorkani has joined a major multinational environmental engineering group “Thames Water Plc.” as the Regional Area Manager for the Middle East. Responsible for identifying and pursuing business opportunities for 23 operating companies of the Group, Hatem led the efforts of a large team of marketers, building a network of operators, associates, and partners within the region, which were able to bid and successfully contract several multimillion-dollar projects throughout the region.

Mr. Al-Zorkani professional career started with civil engineering, moving from the structural design of large projects (Arab Contractors) to contracting activities (Egyptian Building Systems – Butler Authorized Distributor in Egypt). Throughout 1976 – 1988, he managed to build two small family businesses successively, each focusing on a niche market that was evolving at the time. This experience has utilized his native qualities of leadership and communication skills and has intrigued his capacity in business development.

A registered civil engineer, Mr. Al-Zorkani received his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering (1976), master’s degree of Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics (1979) from Faculty of Engineering Cairo University. Hatem has also an MBA degree from the American University in Cairo (1992) and a Doctor of Philosophy from California Coast University (2001). Throughout previous 37 years, Mr. Al-Zorkani attended several national, regional, and international training courses and conferences in different disciplines of Management, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology and Engineering.